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Hi, I’m Doggy Dan, Professional Dog Trainer And Behaviorist.

DoggyDanPackLeader2You and your dog can have a perfect relationship. My SPCA endorsed training techniques are simple, gentle and get instant results. And you can do it too, I guarantee it.
As long as you love your dog and care about their feelings, I promise Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer will work for you.
On my website The Online Dog Trainer I show you everything you need to do LIVE ON VIDEO, as I train real dogs and puppies just like yours, and transform their behavior often in just minutes. It’s so easy to have a puppy or dog you can be proud of – and it works for any age or breed of dog – 100% guaranteed.
Who is doggy dan

What is The Online Dog Trainer?

Because I can’t visit every home that needs this vital information, I’ve created an international dog training video website called The Online Dog Trainer. It tackles the problem head-on, providing detailed video training of the 5 Golden Rules to establish yourself as the Pack Leader. In fact the site contains over 250+ videos (around 20 hours of viewing), showing you how to train your puppy and stop ALL unwanted dog behavior from the comfort of your own home.
The Online Dog Trainer is the world’s ONLY video-based dog training website, endorsed by the SPCA, and constantly updated by a professional dog trainer.

My SPCA endorsed method can help you solve these common problems and much more…

SPCA Page2Check1Aggressive behavior to people or other dogs
Check1Excessive barking – in the car, at the fence or when left alone
Check1Hyperactivity – never relaxes, never stops going
Check1Fearfulness – scared or nervous
Check1Disobedience – won’t come when called, won’t heel
Check1Chewing, mouthing, stealing – at any time, any place
Check1Toileting in the wrong place
Selective hearing

Check1Unpredictable or crazy behavior
Check1Separation anxiety – crying or stressing when you’re out, chewing, barking

Why does my approach to dog training work better?

There’s no shortage of dog and puppy training books and ebooks out there, but every single one of them have a fatal flaw that virtually guarantees you’ll fail even before you start.
video with circlesYou can’t learn how to train your dog by reading about it – you have to see and hear it being done for real. So that’s why my Online Dog Trainer has over 250+ carefully compiled videos where you’re able to watch and listen to me solving the exact problem you’re having with your dog, with another real dog and its owner.
You’ll see:
Check1the precise body language I use
Check1how I change the tone of my voice
Check1and how the dogs change their behavior almost immediately
Check1video is the fastest way to learn

Video is the perfect way to learn how to train your dog.

Train anywhere
What you’ll also see in all my videos is genuine proof that my techniques will work for your dog –regardless of age or breed. So join me and thousands of other of happy dog owners and get full access to my video training system now. There is no other place in the world where you can learn so much about dog and puppy training, so quickly and so easily.
Check1There’s nothing left out. Every single problem you could possibly ever have with your dog or puppy is solved.
Check1All dog breeds are covered. You won’t have to buy anything extra.
Check1It’s fun. Training your dog is a pleasure when I’ve shown you what to do.
Check1No harsh methods are used. No electric collars, sprays, force, fear, or even a loud voice – just the right approach.
Check1No experience necessary. Anyone can succeed with my techniques.
Check1You can start right away and see results in minutes.
Check1New footage is being added weekly (in Full HD video).

Do any of these issues sound familiar to you?

QuestionMarkYou feel that your dog understands what you’re asking, but simply refuses to do it?
You’re absolutely right! You dog is doing what it wants, when it suits it. But not for long…
QuestionMarkYou think you’re dog’s behavior is random and doesn’t make sense?
I’ll show you that it’s far more predictable than you think.Are You In control
QuestionMarkShouting used to work, but now you dog just ignores you?
I’ll show you how to make permanent changes.
QuestionMarkYou think the dog seems to be taking over?
I’ll show you a simple, calm and gentle way to reassert control.
QuestionMarkYour kids need to be able to control the dog as well.
No problem. I’ll show you a way that your dog understands too.
QuestionMarkIt seems like your dog is crazy, and maybe he needs drugs or shock treatment?
I promise you that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your dog. All it needs are the right messages from you.

I’ll teach you to think like a dog.

Think like a dogTo train your dog you need to understand what makes it tick.
I’ll show you how your dog sees the world and how it perceives you – often what you think you’re telling your dog and what it hears are two completely different things. You’ll learn the special language of the dog. When you know how to communicate, you can enjoy total control over your dog using only gentle, kind commands. The amazing thing is that you dog will actually use self control to change it’s own behavior. And when that happens you can start sharing the extraordinary bond that can only exist between you and your dog.
5 Golden Rules3

Then I’ll teach you how to be the Leader of the Pack.

This is the golden nugget every dog owner must know. Before your dog will listen to you and do what you want it needs to see you as the pack leader. But almost no one understands how to, or how easy it is. I’ll show you five simple Golden Rules that you can put in place in minutes to totally transform how your dog responds to you. When you become Pack Leader your dog will become a joy to you and your family.

Helping the SPCA save lives.

Testi1SPCA CIRCLESWe are been blessed to have discovered Doggy Dan and his kind and gentle methods to assist us in Saving Lives of our SPCA dogs. Many of the dogs that come to us have behavioral problems that we need to deal with before we can safely place them in a ‘forever home’. Both SPCA staff and potential new families benefit from Dan’s simple method – a fantastic basis for living with and training your dog. Dan has given SPCA’s access to his video website to equip them with the tools they need to Save Lives – because dog aggression or just ‘naughtiness’ can mean the difference between life and death for a stray or an unwanted dog. Passing on this method to the new owners can also mean the difference between a happy homing or the dog being returned to us. I fully recommend Doggy Dan and this method!
— Robyn Kippenberger, Former National Chief Executive for the Royal New Zealand SPCA

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer gives you six things you won’t find anywhere else.

6v31. My website is the only one developed and managed by a full-time professional dog trainer and behavioral specialist.
2. It is the only place where all lessons are given on video, which virtually guarantees your immediate success.
3. It is very easy to find your way around and use.
4. Over 250+ videos are available to you the moment you join, so every problem is covered and you can start making a difference to your dog immediately.
5. You can watch and re-watch the videos as it suits you. Or when you need a refresher course.
6. Instant access. No postage delays or shipping costs. It’s ready to go when you are.

Get to know me first…

Sign up now to get these five free video lessons and learn some of the secrets behind my method as I reveal loads of valuable tips, tricks and advice…

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My Training method NEVER involves Force Or Fear.

The Online Dog Trainer is one of the only sites in the world that stands firmly against the use of shock collars and sprays. I fully guarantee that my training method uses NONE of the following:
Check1No electric collars!
Check1No bark collars!
Check1No citronella spray!
Check1No water bottle spraying!
Check1No chain throwing!
Check1No dominating your dog!
Check1No shouting or growling at your dog!
Check1No shaking rocks in a jar!
Check1No water pistols!
Check1No harsh corrections on the leash!

…which is why the SPCA actively advocates my method!

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What other people are saying…

Testi4As a Vet, I am so glad I checked it out… Hi Doggy Dan, love your site. As a Vet I am so glad that I decided to check it out. I now have somewhere to point my customers to – something that provides sound advice whatever their dog behavior issue. The best thing is actually seeing you in the videos, a real dog trainer at client’s houses, actually working with real cases. Your approach using the 5 Golden Rules is so practical and gentle and just makes so much sense. Definitely recommending it to all my clients! Congratulations on putting together what is undoubtedly the best dog training site on the web.
Dave van Zwanenberg BVet Med (Hons) MRCVS 
Testi2Within 20 minutes we were taking control… Hello Dan Dan, our family thank the day we came across The Online Dog Trainer. Within twenty minutes of applying your method we were taking control of Sammy. To see that Sammy was fully aware of what he was doing was unacceptable. We still laugh at the way he hangs his little head when he knows he is off to the naughty corner again. Overnight Sammy changed. He is much happier and we are much happier. Instead of being always annoyed at his jumping, barking, peeing etc., I am now proud of him when I take control and he responds instantly. He is now a real member of our family. I am so glad we had the opportunity to discover your video training method and would recommend your method instantly to anyone with a dog. Thank you again. You enlightened us totally. With kind regards – Ellen Ming
Testi3After several other experts we were giving up… Hi Dan Just thought I’d let you know the transformation in Mitsy since starting with the Online Dog Trainer method. We followed all the guidelines and we can now leave her without returning to the destruction of old. She is much calmer and is now a “dog” and not pack leader. After several tries with other experts we were considering giving up. I am glad we didn’t and we have recommended you to other people. Many, many thanks – Robert and Fay PS: She’s so much better and her behaviour change around dogs has been remarkable. Absolutely no aggression at all. Thanks again.

What they’re saying on Facebook…

Now let’s explore Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer section by section:

How the site works for Puppy Training

Section 1. Becoming The Pack Leader.

Watch the videos and learn the five crucial secrets to being the Pack Leader in your dogs eyes. This is absolute gold and worth the price of my Online Dog Trainer on its own.

Check1I’ll show you why being the Pack Leader means everything.Pack–Leader1-300x214
Check1You’ll learn why your dog is a fussy eater – why it has nothing to do with hunger and everything to do with dog psychology.
Check1See why feeding your dog correctly is the single most powerful message that you can give it that you are the pack leader.
Check1Understand why missing just one of the Five Golden Rules can lead to your dog thinking that it is in charge and not you! And why this can lead to a host of other behavioral problems.
Check1Why dogs can exhibit selective hearing at the worst possible times, and how to correct it immediately.
Check1Learn how you first must win your dog’s mind before you can control its body.
Check1See how easy it is to have your dog walk calmly on a leash, and get instant results.

Section 2. Training Your Puppy To Become A Wonderful Dog.

You’ll see a treasure trove of videos on puppy training, including a timeline for your puppies development so you always know what to teach and when to teach it.
Check1I’ll show you how to stop your puppy toileting in the house within 48 hours, the easy way.Puppy-Training1-300x214
Check1You’ll see how to introduce your puppy to its basket so it thinks it’s the very best place in the whole world.
Check1You’ll discover my unique technique for training your puppy to walk with you without a leash (most other dog trainers don’t know this!).
Check1How to stop your puppy from jumping up on you and other people.
Check1What to do if your puppy steals and runs off with your things.
Check1Learn which foods you must never ever feed your puppy.
Check1Why socialising your puppy the right way is crucial, and why it can set you back years if you get it wrong. This technique is almost impossible to learn by reading about it – you must watch and listen to understand.
Check1Know the difference between mouthing and biting – and how to tell your kids the difference too.

Puppy Training with Project Moses.

newIf you have a new puppy, this is the perfect resource for you to know exactly what to expect, and when. Watch a professional dog trainer talk you through each stage of your puppy’s life.
New, inside The Online Dog Trainer, you’ll meet Moses. He’s a Heading Dog puppy (Huntaway x Border Collie) cross Labrador that I picked up from the SPCA on Tuesday 29th January 2013. He plays a large part in what is named Project Moses, a video diary of the training of a young puppy from 8 weeks old by a professional dog trainer.

To give you an idea of what is already inside the Members Area, here are the video titles of just the first 4 weeks of life with Moses (and every week more are being added):

Introducing Project Moses
Bringing Your New Puppy Home
Moses Meets The Family
Puppies Crying At Night
Crate Training Moses
Chew Toys
A Short Separation And A Chew Toy
A Very Important Rule To Follow
How To Leave Your Puppy At Home Alone

Section 3. Solving Problem Behavior.

Even the best behaved dogs will sometimes go off the rails, so the videos in this massive section cover every possible problem your dog could have. You’ll learn why your dog is doing it and then watch my simple and effective solution. Even things you’ve given up hope of fixing will be no problem once you’ve seen and heard my simply foolproof techniques.
Check1I’ll amaze you with the answer to why older dogs will suddenly start toileting inside.Dog-Problems1-300x214
Check1You’ll learn how to calmly stop you dog barking in six different situations – in the car, passersby, at the door, etc).
Check1You’ll learn what makes your dog behave aggressively – and learn how easy it is to stop aggression in the first place.
Check1Permanently solve your dog’s separation anxiety easily and often in a matter of hours.
Check1Stop your dog jumping up on you and visitors (I’ll explain why so many other dog trainers methods will cause problems down the track)
Check1How to keep your good guard dog, but stop it barking when you’re not home.
Check1Why shouting at your dog doesn’t work long-term and how your dog interprets it.
Check1Why bark collars, citronella collars, and electric collars do not solve the cause of the problem but cause intense pain and stress for your dog.
Check1Why rescue dogs can make the best pets.
Check1How to teach an old dog new tricks.

Section 4. Dog Training – Understanding Your Best Friend.

In this section my videos will delight you by showing you how easy it is to have the dog of your dreams. This is only a tiny sample of everything we cover in individual videos.
Check1I’ll teach you the basic commands of sit, stay, come, heel, fetch, recall and much more.DogTraining-300x214
Check1You’ll learn how to develop a rewarding and peaceful relationship with your dog.
Check1You’ll understand the psychology of how your dog learns, and how to speed their learning up.
Check1Hear why altering the tone of your voice is so powerful in getting the most out of your dog.
Check1How to ensure the safety of children around dogs.
Check1See why dog bites rarely come out of the blue, and how to avoid them happening.
Check1Why your energy and your dog’s energy affects how it responds to other animals and objects.
Check1How to change your energy and understand the amazing power it gives you.
Check1Using treats and rewards the right way.
Check1What all those interesting behaviors mean that you just can’t make head or tail of!

The Online Dog Trainer will work for your dog – 100% guaranteed.

guarantee My Personal Guarantee: I’m so certain that what I am going to teach you will work for your dog or puppy that I am giving you full access for just $1 to check it out.
For a full 72 hour period after you sign up you can check out the entire site – nothing is hidden from you, nothing is drip fed… it’s all there. You can review the entire program for just $1 (for processing), and you have 3 days to make up your mind whether you wish to stay on and join the monthly membership to make full use of the site, or cancel your subscription and I’ll say goodbye, no strings attached. I’ve removed all the risk by letting you Try Before You Buy.
So why not give me a go? If you like what I teach you, it’ll be the best investment you’ll ever make. If not, it will only cost you $1.
Now there’s nothing standing in the way of having the happy, obedient dog you’ve always dreamed of.

How much does the world’s finest dog training system cost?

I charge $395 for personal consultations and I’m usually booked up for weeks. But you’re going to get everything I know about dog training immediately at your fingertips on video for a tiny fraction of that amount.
I have absolutely no doubt that my system will work for you and your dog… but the only way you’ll ever know is to try it out for yourself…
So I’ve decided to make it impossible for you wonder any longer by giving you full access to my membership site and ALL 250+ videos for a 3 day trial period for just $1.00!
Try Before Your Buy
All you have to do is pay $1 for processing. I know that sounds unbelievable… and there is a catch
I’ll only be able to offer you this for the next few days! I really have to limit the amount of members, so get in quick…
And… I ask that if you are able to get in at this amazing price that you share your success story (don’t worry, I’ll keep your personal details 100% private)…
Fair enough?
If you love my revolutionary method and you can see how it will change you and your dog’s lives forever, then after your 3 day free trial you will be charged $37 for the initial month. And then you’ll be rebilled $37 per month for as long as you remain a member. But you can cancel at any time! So really… there’s absolutely no risk involved.
And that’s not all you get when you become a full member. I’ve created some extra Free Bonuses to give you even more value for money….
But hurry these have strictly limited availability.

Free Bonus 1.

AudioLib-UnderstandingDoggy Dan’s Dog Training Audio Library – “Understanding your dog PART 1″
An in-depth interview where Doggy Dan discusses many important issues, including aggression, that surround our beloved friend. A must for every dog owner! Turn your car into a Doggy Dan university on wheels or load them into your iPod for invaluable lessons on the go.
Value $39, yours FREE! (Available after the 3-Day Trial)

Free Bonus 2.

dvd_box-Puppy-TalkDoggy Dan’s Puppy Talk Series 1 – “7 Secrets To Puppy Training”
Give your puppy the best start by understanding what messages you are giving your dog and what they really mean. Put an end to all the shouting, stress and conflicting messages by using the “7 Secrets To Puppy Training”. If you feel like you are doing something wrong then you most probably are… put these essential concepts in place and then watch your puppies behavior turn around.
Value $29, yours FREE! (Available after the 3-Day Trial)

Free Bonus 3.

dvd_box-Dog-TalkDoggy Dan’s Dog Talk Series 1 – “9 Advanced Vocal Commands”
Take it to the next level with 9 advanced commands. Amaze everyone you know with absolute mastery over your dog. These words are used by Hollywood dog trainers to turn their dogs into star performers. Now you can learn to use them too in this bonus video series.
Value $29, yours FREE! (Available after the 3-Day Trial)

Free Bonus 4.

TODT-Forum-Page-Image-2Membership to Doggy Dan’s Exclusive Online Forum.
Here’s the one place to go for everything to do with dog and puppy training and behavioral issues.
Ask any dog training questions and get answers – either from me personally or one of my handpicked team of Pack Leader experts. Or just socialise with other members and get to know other like-minded dog lovers from all over the world. Our members are also sharing valuable ideas, tips and tricks on all dog issues, including health, nutrition, breeding, grooming – in fact anything dog related at all! Look out for all the members-only freebies!
Value $95, yours FREE! Available after the 3-Day Trial

Joining is easy – and instant!

I know you love your dog and want to start straight away, so I’ve made it super easy to join. AndI totally understand that every dog is different, every problem and situation is unique, so I’ve created one incredibly-low monthly membership price. This gives you complete control over how long you wish to stay a member and you can cancel your membership at any time. So…
Step 1Step 1 Buy Now Button
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Step 2Payment-Page2
A new window will appear – the ClickBank Marketplace Secure Payment page – giving you a summary of your order. Fill in your payment details and click the Pay Now button. ClickBank is the internet’s number one digital ordering system. It’s extremely secure and your information is 100% safe.
Step 3email
I’ll send you an email with your password for my site and there’ll also be a link to the login page of The Online Dog Trainer. Please keep this email safe!

Login PageStep 4
Use your password on the login page and you’re all set to go… enjoy your training! After the 3-Day trial is over and you become a full member, go to the Bonus Download section so you can collect your Free Bonuses too.
And remember, you can cancel at any time!

Get full access to Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer – RISK FREE:

TODT-Package2Don’t wait a second longer to start a beautiful new relationship with your dog. Try the Online Dog Trainer now and get instant access to:
  • Check1Over 250+ detailed Doggy Dan dog training videos, and growing every week
  • Check1Doggy Dan’s Dog Talk Series 1 – “9 Advanced Vocal Commands” (Available after 3-Day Trial)
  • Check1Doggy Dan’s Puppy Talk Series 1 – “7 Secrets To Puppy Training” (Available after 3-Day Trial)
  • Check1Doggy Dan’s Audio Library – “Understanding your dog PART 1″ (Available after 3-Day Trial)
  • Check1Membership to Doggy Dan’s Exclusive Online Forum (Available after 3-Day Trial)

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I understand that the $1 processing fee will give me 3-Days (72 hours) of instant access to the entire Online Dog Trainer membership site.
I know that after the 3-Day trial I will be charged $37 for the initial month and later rebilled $37 per month for as long as I remain a member.
I am fully aware that all prices are in US Dollars.
I understand that I can cancel my subscription at any time (Read the FAQs below to find out how to cancel).
I understand that I will only get access to the Bonuses and the Forum after the 3-Day Trial when I become a full paying member.

And if you’re still not sure, here are eight great reasons to join The Online Dog Trainer today.

1. It’s all here.
Everything you need to correct your dog’s behavior is here at your fingertips, and all ready to go. For all ages and all breeds I cover everything you’ll ever need to know.
2. Everything I teach you is proven to work everyday with real dogs.
I’m a full-time professional dog trainer. I use the very same techniques I teach you, everyday in my own live consultations. And the SPCA fully endorses my method – something NO other dog training product can claim!
3. This is the world’s only total dog training video package.
You cannot learn how to train your dog just by reading about it – you must see and hear it being done so you can copy the exact body language and tone of voice I use.
4. I’ve made it so easy for you.
I’ve made sure that The Online Dog Trainer website is easy to find your way around. One password gives you full unrestricted access. My techniques are so simple, that even your children can get involved, and enjoy training your dog too.
5. Instant access.
Why wait a minute longer to transform your dog into the wonderful pet you hoped it would be? Join now and you’ll start seeing results today.
6. Four free bonuses.
Join now and you’ll get all my free bonuses (after the 3-Day Trial), including access to Doggy Dan’s Forum.
7. Risk free satisfaction guarantee.
When you trial the site for 3 days, there’s no risk at all. If for any reason you decide you’re not satisfied then you can cancel at anytime, no questions asked.
8. Be kind to your dog.
Many people struggle with methods that try to get them to dominate their dog… if you’re looking for a gentle way to keep total control of you dog then this is the perfect method for you.

I can’t wait to get started helping you and your dog enjoy a beautiful relationship together…

Yours sincerely,

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the Questions to get the Answers.
Q: What is The Online Dog Trainer?
Q: Who is this for?
Q: How can this help you?
Q: What is inside The Online Dog Trainer?
Q: Why Join?
Q: Who is Doggy Dan?
Q: Why was The Online Dog Trainer made?
Q: How Much is The Online Dog Trainer Membership?
Q: How do I cancel my membership?
Q: Will I solve my dog's problem behavior in a very fast time without any effort?
Q: Can I download all the Bonuses and then cancel my Trial Subscription?

What sort of feedback have I got about the material inside?

Here are just some of the feedback responses I get on a daily basis:
Testi12 We nearly lost hope in Molly til we saw your website!!!. Hi, I just want to express my sincere thanks for your advice and support on your website. My fiancĂ© and myself have recently moved to nz from the uk to begin our new life in ohope. With the beach and amazing walks so close by getting a dog made perfect sense. We got a staffy cross puppy and was over the moon with her. Around the same time we got a call from the uk saying my mum had passed away. With the immense pressure from this added to starting up in new jobs in a new town meant that our puppies behaviour was causing major stress on myself and affecting my relationship with my fiancĂ©. After watching your website our dogs behaviour has changed immensely. She is so calm and well behaved and has lifted a cloud from above our home. I just want to thank you so much for giving us the advice and information to truly appreciate and get the very best out of our new dog. Regards, Jon Stanhope – NZ.
Testi4 Chopper is no longer King of the Castle… Our little boy may look cute enough but with dominance issues we were at a loss as to what to do. With growling, aggressive behaviour & selective hearing we soon discovered our instinctual approach to simply dominate back didn’t work. At a loss & not wanting to give up on our new bundle of joy we started using Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer method. We soon learnt a completely different approach which definitely made a lot of sense. Just a day after the training began we noticed a difference in our little boy and it looked like the tables had been turned. The constant advice & support worked wonders to help keep us on track. I am pleased to say Chopper is no longer king of the castle. He obeys commands & can even go off lead at the dog park. Thanks Doggy Dan. Cheers, Aidan – NZ
QuotesGreen Last Thanks From Boston! Thanks Dan! Just wanted to say we’ve implemented the 5 Golden Rules for about a week and she has gotten 100% better. She will stop after one bark or growl after we say the first Thank you. My daughters do it now too. Today she just growled at the mailman and left her window seat after we said Thank you. She is also getting better at the Walk, we go out the door first and she will wait for us before she steps out now. And I practice SSCD when she pulls and it works. Also wanted to say my oldest daughter just loves your training videos. Any chance you’ll have your own show one day on a channel like Animal Planet any time soon? Thanks for you help, Marianne (and Sarni the basset hound lab) – USA
QuotesYellow Another Thank You from Mexico City! Hi, I am Laura from Mexico City. I own three Maltese dogs, the four of us are so confused with our roles, that to tell you the truth, sometimes I feel they own the apartment, and I am the pet. But I knew in my heart that I was only creating confusion and anxiety to them. I started looking for advice in Mexico, and I didn’t like it, in general fear or force is used and I didn’t feel ok with it. So I started browsing…. and in a page from a dog lover in USA, he recommended you. I have watched all the videos and I feel a bit overwhelmed. But I have started with Rule 1 and 2, and they have worked ! I feel that my dogs are grateful and eager to see me taking the lead. Thank you! Laura – Mexico
Testi5 Without your help, Rocky wouldn’t be with us… Hi Dan I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the help you provided with our indomitable Husky – Rocky. It would be true to say that without your assistance Rocky would no longer be with us. Out of desperation, I started using the Online Dog Trainer methods. Rocky’s infringements had dramatically increased over the previous few weeks, with a spate of nipping and intimidating people. Crunch time came when he bit 86 year old granddad – while on the lead. My partner and I were not new to dog handling, having worked with dogs all our lives. I have trained dogs to high levels in obedience and trialing. We consider ourselves to be good with dogs – but we were out of our depth with Rocky. Listening to you talk was a light-bulb moment. It was obvious we had not shown our dog leadership. Within a short space of time you had Rocky relaxed and leading calmly. Handling dogs in a family situation can be full of conflict. Encouraged by your ongoing coaching, I understood that for Rocky to have a chance, it was extremely important for me to become an alpha female – consistently, not just some of the time. He still isn’t perfect and will always want to be top dog; constantly testing for any signs of weakness. He is very clever and quickly adopts new methods to initiate his dominance – so we have to be tuned in all the time. However, I am happy to report that he is a pleasure on the lead and his ego still gets plenty of boosting as he struts along with his “look at me attitude”. If we are home alone and people come to the door he takes no notice – compare this with the charging, howling, stalking and snapping that used to go on. I don’t want to tempt fate, but touch wood, so far, no further biting. The best part of your method is in the quiet, calm, authority. There are no harsh punishments or raised voices. We still have a lot of fun with our dog and enjoyment has increased with his improved behaviour. Thank you Dan. Kind regards, Susan Birch – NZ
QuotesYellow I must preface this by saying that I am a first time dog owner. I have a 16 week old miniature Schnauzer, Freddy. I have been doing nothing but following Dan’s videos and the advice from the forum. I have had countless compliments on my dog’s good behavior. I take him to the homes of people with older dogs, and Freddy is far better behaved than any of them. I have been following the videos for 7 weeks now, and my puppy never gets out of control. (I have on more than one occasion caught him looking at the older dogs like they are crazy for getting so wound up.) Doggy Dan, helping people all the way in New York! Gino – New York
Testi6 Everything was logical, effective and simple… I knew with the information I had read on Siberian Huskies that I had my work cut out when I decided to get my puppy Samson. But relentless, aggressive biting, domineering and frighteningly hostile behaviour at meal times, had me second guessing whether I had made the right choice. On two separate occasions he aggressively acquired food by jumping up and biting the hand of the person holding it. All attempts to remove the food, distract him or replace it resulted only in elevating the level of his aggression and I could only watch on in horror as Samson savagely devoured food not fit for consumption by a pup. There was an obvious and significant change in Samson’s behaviour during his first meal following Doggy Dan’s Pack Leader Training and this continued to improve each day. After only two weeks of gesture feeding, Samson can now be fed without the growling, snarling or biting that previously accompanied anyone going near his food bowl while he was eating. I am even more ecstatic to report that his behaviour is so far from what it once was that I can now remove food from his bowl while he is eating without consequence. Prior to seeking professional help, every dog owner I know had conflicting ideas on how to deal with this problem which left me confused and worried that there was no easy solution. I was very much relieved, as it was apparent very early on in the training that I would not regret seeking your help. Everything you said was logical, effective and surprisingly so simple! Thank you so very much Dan!
QuotesYellowI wish I could express with words how wonderful your training videos have been for me. The closest I got before finding this website to understanding the dog’s nature, and some ideal ways to take care of my dog was from watching the USA TV show with Cesar Milan “Dog Whisperer.” I find much more practical benefit from your step by step website here. - Forum Member
Testi7 We had 7 days to fix our problem! During the last few months things have been going downhill badly with our 2 dogs. Astro who is a 9 year old Staffi cross has been licking himself until there is a wet patch on the carpet, pulling back the covers on the bed, barking at people, barking when people walk past the window, pulling on the lead, following me everywhere i go and the worse to come was he has been jumping our huge fence. We tried putting him on a chain, he tried to jump the fence and almost hung himself, he was on the tips on his toes when i found him, any small movement in balance and he would of hung himself. One time he jumped the fence and ate something he shouldn’t have, he was at the vets for 2 days, he was drugged, lost all his body functions, he was very lucky to be alive. Now onto Paris, she is a 6 year old Affenpinscher cross Shitzu, she barks all the time, follows me everywhere, jumps up on people. The last straw came when the council come round to issue us with a notice, Paris has been barking all day when we leave the house for work. We had 7 days to fix our problem!!!! The next day I was almost in tears and I searched everywhere for help. It came in the form of Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer method. I couldn’t believe how simple each lesson was, it was amazing and very easy to understand, finally i had a list of things to do that would help me get through the next few days. I started to understand my dogs and why they were doing what they did, this gave me an insight into their minds, i finally understood what was happening, it was separation anxiety. That night I set about making changes throughout the house, to start with it was hard to change my patterns but with the help of Doggy Dan’s methods I was amazed to see how fast the dogs had changed, the training was working and I had never meet him. By day 2 people visiting had noticed a huge changed, it was truly amazing. By day 3 my dogs had become different animals, I used to get angry and stressed with them, now I love them again, Astro hasn’t jumped the fence since I put Doggy Dan’s methods in place, he has only been on the bed once and taking him for a walk is now a pleasure again, Paris is no longer stressed and chills out and does her own thing, no more barking, the neighbours are amazed the simple method worked so quickly. One week on and the results keep getting better and better, the dogs are happy and no longer stressed, now when I go out I can relax and not stress out wondering what’s happening at home. Thank you Doggy Dan, you have changed our lives and made it more enjoyable to have the dogs again, your methods work and your kind and understanding manner is fantastic, i will be recommending you to all my friends. Michelle Stevens – NZ
QuotesYellow We just wanted to email you and say thank you! We called you about 8 months ago after we got a Huntaway puppy who promptly had a melt down when we put him in his crate the first time. Although we didn’t have you out for a consultation we watched all of the videos on your website about 4 times!:) We always had the intention of doing a one on one consultation but the tricks online worked so well we have had no problems with him. Everyone warned us that a Huntaway was not a good pet as he would bark incessantly, chew everything etc. etc. He has never chewed anything he wasn’t supposed to, and he barks when people come to the door and stops as soon as we say “thank you”. He really is a lovely dog, he requires tons of exercise (but I am a runner so he gets all he needs), so he is calm and relaxed in the house. He is lovely with children, other dogs, and small animals. The only issue we had was a bit of food aggression early on which was quickly corrected with your videos and now we can take raw bones off of him with no issue. I just wanted to give you this feedback as I really believe a combination of consistent hard work and the tools you provided us with meant the difference between a domesticated nightmare and a lifelong companion. Copernicus is now 10 months old, and as any young dog does, he tests us but is quickly redirected, loyal and fun to be with. So, thank you so much!!! Sincerely, Adrienne and Andrew – NZ 
QuotesGreen Thank you so much!! I do appreciate your info re the training site – this is exactly why I keep the membership – even if I go back and watch and pickup something that I missed. I used the greeting guests videos from the site at the holidays and actually picked up something that I totally missed the first round of watching. I love the 5 golden rules and only wish I had known about them and Doggy Dan when he was a puppy as he is now 5. Susan Rodhe – USA
Testi8 Things have changed dramatically… “Things have changed dramatically since the training started where you showed us simple techniques to take control of the situation with Harrison. He no longer barks or cries when we leave the house, he comes when called and has the best manners when waiting to be feed! Amazingly he has also stopped attacking the mobile phone and stopped toileting inside. But the best bit is that we have claimed our bed back! Harrison no longer feels like he needs to be next to us 100% of the time, and can now enjoy his own space and has become a huge fan of his doggy bed. Now when we get home we enjoy spending time with Harrison now that he is so well behaved. Your advice has helped us tremendously and I truly believe that Harrison is a much happier dog.” Kind regards, Matt and Alison – NZ
QuotesGreen Thank you Dan, for really showing how to become the pack leader with the five golden rules. Other methods I’ve followed highly stress being the pack leader but do not show how. Doris – Hawaii
Testi9 Everything was spiralling out of control… I felt like everything was spiralling out of control and that Bensen our large German Shepherd was the one making the rules. But since the training started Bensen has improved considerably & is growing up to be a really lovely dog. He does not chase the chickens anymore & has calmed down a lot. We have put a barrier up in the doorway to stop the chickens coming in as Bensen just ignores them as they walk past him into the house to eat the cat food! He comes every time I call him & has stopped jumping up. We would highly recommend you to anyone who is having problems with their dog. Regards, Sue and Scott Tindale – NZ
QuotesGreen Hi Dan from China! There are local dog trainers here, including an expat (who doesn’t speak Chinese) dog trainer who want to collaborate with me. I actually asked them for help more than two years ago, but they kind of ignored me. Anyhow, nice enough people. But I’m really not that impressed yet. Unlike you, they don’t really share anything with anyone until somebody’s forked over a significant amount of money. I’ve already used your techniques with two dogs they both said were “very aggressive!” “bit both of us repeatedly!”. I’m no dog whisperer, but in both cases, I used your techniques with both dogs, and not only did they not bit me, but were licking me gently all over the face within the first 30 minutes of seeing them. In both cases, the dogs were clearly stressed from being in a cage and with no one around them giving them a clear sense of who their leader or friend was. In both cases, I did some exercise first – leashed and went for a run with them, then segued into several minute bursts of stop-start-change direction. After 20 minutes, the only danger to me was being licked to death. Anyhow, if it helps adoptions, I will do some events or classes with local trainers, but I already feel pretty committed to getting something happening with Doggy Dan, and working as quickly toward that as possible. :) Chris – China
Testi10 Having spent a small fortune on other trainers… Both Maggie and Milo came to us very much second hand – in fact Maggie was 4th hand by her 2nd birthday, so both brought with them a lot of baggage and damage from their previous homes and some very mixed messages training wise. Maggie, a Lab Rottie cross, perpetual barker, scrapper and overly anxious dog with an incredible need to foist her 45kg frame on top of us at all times had become quite intolerable and was in desperate need of learning how to become independent and self confident in her very muddled world. We were recommended Doggy Dan by the rescue shelter who said both dogs would benefit enormously from training. Having spent a small fortune on other trainers we had pretty much resigned ourselves to having to manage ‘problem pooches’ for the forseeable future. The day we started applying Doggy Dan’s method was the day things changed. A 2 hour session and Maggie had stopped her paw biting and her anxiety levels had subsided. For the first time she took a deep sigh and was content to lie on the floor away from us – the back flips performed at feeding time gave way to gentle seated waiting and we now enjoy being able to sit on the sofa without a 45kg dog sitting on our feet, spilling drinks by her incessant pawing. Maggie was transformed overnight and a couple of months down the track we are continuing our new routines to benefit the entire household and Miss Maggie. Regards, Louise Brooks – NZ
Testi11 Just a few simple pointers was all it took… Thanks to Dan, my 6 year old Alsatian Astrid and I have more fun on our outings. Just a few simple pointers on how best to let Astrid know who is in control was all it took. This easy and gentle approach has given my beautiful dog and I more confidence in each other. The choice to maintain this happy situation, is entirely mine, a little self disciple has been a wonderful lesson for us both! Warm regards, Tina & Astrid – NZ

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